A Different Kind of Tech

At Robin AI, we are proud to announce that the business has secured £1.75 million ($2.5 million) in our latest funding round. Our mission is to completely change the way the legal industry works by using artificial intelligence to make simple tasks easier, reduce legal costs and give lawyers more time back in their day. 

The latest investment round was led by Episode 1,along with many notable angel investors including former CEO of Npower, Paul Massara, former Chief Revenue Officer of Axiom, Al Giles, as well as former CEO of Barings Europe, Oliver Burgel.

Our CEO and founder Richard Robinson, noted “We are looking forward to working with each of our new stakeholders. We will use these funds principally to improve our technology to provide a faster and more consistent service. This means hiring some of the world’s most talented software engineers, product designers and machine learning engineers. We also want to scale our sales efforts in the UK and within the US. This is an exciting next chapter for the business for so many reasons.”

Making a difference 

In addition to the funding round, Robin AI was also one of only 30 businesses to receive funding from the Google Black Founders Fund, which supports select companies with missions to change the current state of diversity in tech. 

We are extremely proud to be a Google backed venture and our vision remains clear and simple: to change the face of legal services and to do so with a team which is truly as diverse as the world around us. It’s not just about the service the business can provide, but also the legacy we can create. 

“We know that the technology industry has had plenty of warm words about diversity in the last few years, but we still continue to see depressing statistics around gender and racial diversity in VC, in founder representation and in the start-ups themselves. And the legal industry faces similar challenges. We want to change that. Half of our team are women, half of our board are women, and 25% of our team are people of colour. And we’re doing everything we can to make sure we are looking far and wide for the best and most diverse group of people to join us on this journey”, says Richard. 


Legal AI

Founded in 2019 by Richard Robinson, a black corporate lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, Robin AI was developed from his personal experience in the legal industry and with a passion to improve it. As a lawyer, Richard found that much of his legal work entailed repetitive tasks, which our technology is now designed to execute at a cheaper, faster and more accurate rate. Alongside Richard, our CTO, Dr. James Clough, leads the company, overseeing the development of the business’ core AI. James holds a PhD in AI and has spent years using machine learning in healthcare to diagnoses diseases. 


Richard states that, “We’ve pioneered a human-in-the-loop service that combines proprietary machine learning technology, software engineering and the expertise of a human legal professional to produce high quality edited contracts at record speeds.”


To do this, we employ a combination of machine learning and human intelligence to automate legal work, reviewing high volume legal contracts such as NDAs. Our software automatically amends contracts at agranular word-level, according to pre-agreed rules with mark-ups that look like the work of a human lawyer. Robin’s lawyers then do a final check to ensure accuracy. 


Our current clients include legal firms Clifford Chance and Foot Antsey, PE funds including Hayfin and businesses like Pizza Hut and Babylon Health. Moving forward, we will continue expanding our client base and will soon roll out a new software aimed at assisted contract creation. 


We are really excited to move forward into the next phase of Robin’s journey and we are actively looking for new talent to join our team as we grow. If you think Robin AI might be the right place for you, check out our vacancies here.

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